Cosmetic Kiosk and Perfume Crown Kiosk Owner Impression


Cosmetic Crown Kiosk Owner @ Big C Rama II

Cosmetics Kiosk Owner

    The Owner loves our pushcart a lot because it is very funtional and convinient. It is very easy when she wants to move it. She likes the cabinets around pushcart and the locker roof system. Moreover, the Relux Crown pushcart  help her increased her sale volume more than 30% because it is very attractive for her customers.


Perfume Kiosk Owner Impression

          The Owner was so busy of selling her perfumes and didn't have enough time to talk with our interviewer. However, she told us that the sale volume increased more than 50% after she bought our pushcart two years ago. Therefore, she is now planning to find another location to be her 2nd branch. She will definitely buy one more pushcart from us as it really supports her in term of customer's attentions and sale increase. For her, the antique pushcart is the most important factor to motivate the sale volume.

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